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Alcohol, drugs and substance abuse

Pages in Alcohol, drugs and substance abuse

  1. Alcohol advice
  2. Alcohol, drugs and substance abuse
  1. Staying safe on a night out
  2. Drug and alcohol strategy

Alcohol advice

Drinking small amounts of alcohol is a pleasant social activity for many people. However, as the amount you drink and the number of times you drink increases, so do the risks.

Some of the risks associated with excessive alcohol drinking are well known. Drinking above recommended levels can lead to high blood pressure, stomach disorders, depression and emotional disorders, malnutrition and liver disorders.

Regularly drinking too much also makes it much more likely to suffer accidents and put on weight. Excessive drinking can also put enormous strain on relationships between family members.

Sensible drinking

  • It is safest not to drink regularly more than 14 units of alcohol per week.
  • Drink alcohol on no more than five days a week
  • Have a day off between drinking days and don't drink for 48 hours after a binge
  • Pregnant women, women trying to conceive and people with certain medical conditions should not drink alcohol at all

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