Coventry - European City of Sport 2019

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Sport is such a big part of Coventry’s life - it has helped to make us the friendly, welcoming city we are today.

Whether we are celebrating the success of our sporting heroes, cheering on our school teams, raising charity cash in a walkathon, or aiming for a personal best on a Parkrun, sport touches us all. It is enjoyed by the old and the young – it builds communities and it brings people together. It has helped to shape our fantastic, multicultural city, with those who have forged new lives here bringing us sports from Gaelic football to Kabaddi. And it has helped us welcome visitors from around the world, including our wonderful summer of 2012 when we were proud to be a host city for Olympic Football.

Sport helps us stand side by side in arenas and share a chat with neighbours. It is also a key part of our work towards a healthier city. We are creating a cleaner, greener, more active city that everyone can be proud of, and sport is at the heart of it. Being European City of Sport will add to that incredible atmosphere and help us to create something truly special, not just for 2019, but for our children and grandchildren.

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