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Food Dudes is now in its second year in Coventry and we are still making great progress in changing children's eating habits in primary schools.

Mainstream Schools

The Food Dudes programme has been received currently by 34 primary schools across Coventry. Over 9,000 pupils have benefited from trying and tasting new fruits and vegetables with the Food Dude Characters and winning prizes for their efforts. 

Special Schools

Three Spires and Castle Wood Special Schools have taken part in Food Dudes. The behaviour change data that has been collected at these schools will contribute towards a West Midlands evaluation which includes schools in Walsall and Dudley.

Food Dudes Forever Pilot

Corpus Christi Catholic School took part in the pilot for the Food Dudes Forever Programme. Pupil's engaged in 4 taste bud challenge sessions in their classrooms where they tried a different fruit and a vegetable at each session and received Food Dude reward stickers and stamps in their Food Dude Filofaxes. All pupils participated in 3 competitions where they won prizes for creating Food Dude poems, raps and songs that were read out in their assembly.
The new reception intake of pupils in Corpus Christi took part in the next generation programme where they received phase 1 and 2 of Food Dudes, which the whole school received last academic year.

September 2012 onwards

10 new schools are due to receive Food Dudes from September 2012. We look forward to working with you in the future and are very excited to see continuing behaviour change across the new schools with exsiting behaviour being sustained in all past schools.

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