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Coventry's SEND local offer - Hope 4 The Community CIC -Delivering The Hope Programme

Hope 4 The Community delivers the evidence based Hope Programme in Coventry , with support from the carers centre, to parents of children with ASD, ADHD. The Hope Programme is a six week programme either face to face, or new online eHOPE course both are self management programmes.

There is a recognised need to provide parents/caregivers of children with ASD, ADHD with specialised support and coping skills training. A lack of social support can lead parent / care givers to withdraw and become socially isolated. The course enables parents to meet with other parents in the same situation, it allows participants on the course to learn tools and skill’s to cope on a daily basis with the stresses and strains of everyday , as well as the skill’ s to celebrate the good in their lives.

Parents having attended the course report

”the group provides a safe environment to discuss issues and be emotional, where you do not have to be strong and save face. The group creates bonds between all those there that is unbreakable , because all have experienced similar issues or can foresee they might in the future . Sharing and experiencing strategies gives hope and peace and takes away the feelings of failure that these adults often feel about themselves. The skills and strategies taught become a way of life “

“Hope offers a safe, non pressured way for parents / carers to meet others , to make new friends and find support and know they are not alone “

Parent / carers feel more positive, after attending the course and report increases in wellbeing and less feelings of depression and isolation.

We have post course support with a closed Facebook page . And open pages, we also encourage past participants, and families to arrange regular meet ups thereby reducing social isolation.

The services we provide are 6 week self management programmes, which include:

  • coping strategies - proven tools  to cope with carers ups and downs
  • Potential e HOPE-courses.
  • Online pages on social media both open and closed. We encourage participants to stay in touch with their groups but also to meet up with others , so the social networks grow. Research conducted by Coventry University, using robust, scientific quality of life outcome measures has shown that immediately after attending HOPE parents/ carers report significantly improved positive and mental wellbeing, anxiety, depression, gratitude and hope for the future. Participants particularly value the fact that facilitators are themselves parents of children with ASD / ADHD and were originally participants on the Hope programme.


024 7688 7459, 07599 782465, 07921 667844


Company Dr Andy Turner:

Where you can use this service in Coventry

At this moment our face to face programmes are run in Coventry for parents / carers of children with ASD/ADHD (not limited to) and recruitment is through Coventry Carers Centre.

Enrolment of the eHOPE is open to any parent in the UK and recruitment will be through Hope for The Community

Can I use this service?

Currently HOPE is only available for parents of children with ADHD/ASD. In future we would like to develop programmes for other conditions. 

Your views and how to get involved

We have strong links with the carers centre.

We have our online pages where we communicate with parents / carers. We pride ourselves that during the development of this programme we have sought feedback from participants, used pre and post course questionnaires and focus groups to gain an honest and open understanding of what participants have enjoyed / not enjoyed.

We have used this feedback to adapt the manual/ programme where necessary. We are beginning to redevelop the programme due to it becoming a CIC and we are inviting past participants to attend development meetings to have their input right from the start, so they are directly involved in decision making.

Our aim is also to recruit from past participants as that is our unique selling point, facilitators are themselves past participants and two are on the board of directors.

Staff training

Our programmes mainly support parents so staff training for supporting children and young people with SEND hasn’t been necessary but if in future we develop that area we will make sure all safeguarding and training are sort and provided .

Hope facilitators undergo an accredited training programme to enable them to deliver the HOPE course.


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