Road gritting

Find out where and when we grit.

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Grit bins

Find out where grit bins are and how to report an empty grit bin.

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Real-time gritting updates

 Councils across the West Midlands are tweeting their gritting updates using the hashtag #wmgrit. Follow us @coventrycc to see when and where we'll be gritting.

Gritting words we use on Twitter

  • Wet snow - Powder snow which has become moist and heavy due to a thaw or rainfall, or snow which was moist as it fell.
  • Dry snow - A dry snow has little to no liquid water content thus is less dense. Less dense meaning there will be a lot of air pockets between the snow crystals. Dry snow is not sticky and thus it is difficult to make snowballs with it and the wind blows it around substantially even after reaching the surface.
  • Hoar frost - the white ice crystals that form on cold clear nights: the white covering on grass that you can kick off.