Independent Housing Numbers Study

In February 2013 the Council received the Inspector's recommendations relating to the Council's 2012 Core Strategy Submission Draft. This clearly identified a need for the Council to undertake further work with its neighbouring authorities to discharge its Duty to Cooperate, with a specific focus around housing need and demand.

In May 2013, the Council, alongside Warwick District Council, Rugby Borough Council, North Warwickshire Borough Council and Nuneaton and Bedworth Borough Council, jointly commissioned GL Hearn planning consultants to undertake a Strategic Housing Market Assessment (or SHMA for short) for the Coventry and Warwickshire area.  

This study has now reported and is available to view - joint SHMA.  

The final executive summary and appendices are now available to view.

This study has been undertaken on an independent basis and provides recommendations around the objectively assessed need for new homes within Coventry and Warwickshire. The study is a technical evidence document and responds to the requirements of national guidance. It is not Council policy and at this stage the Council has made no decision about how the recommendations will be taken forward.  

The study will however support the development of the city’s new Local Plan and will be considered alongside other technical evidence including: 

  • land availability;
  • green belt assessments;
  • flood risk;
  • biodiversity analysis;
  • historic environment data;
  • economic growth prospects;
  • analysis of transport and other infrastructure; and
  • development viability.

Alongside consideration of additional evidence, the Council will continue to work constructively and on an on-going basis with neighbouring authorities and other interested parties in developing its new Local Plan.

The Council also recognises the importance of fully engaging with the people of Coventry in order to seek their views about housing needs and wider development requirements relating to both the built and natural environment. In order to maximise the quality of this engagement however it is vital for us to complete all aspects of our evidence base before we can have a fully informed discussion.  

The Council is therefore planning to hold the next round of consultation in early summer 2014.

Three elderly people.

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