Energy efficiency at home

Energy Saving Tips

Everybody should be trying to reduce their energy consumption. Not only will it help you reduce your fuel bills, but you will also be helping do your bit for the environment. Not everything costs a lot of money.

Here are some no cost and low cost energy saving tips that you should try to introduce into your lifestyle:

  • Fit draught excluders - draughts in the home can be a drain on your heating bills. Fitting draught excluders to your doors and windows as well as the letter box and keyholes will make a difference. You can also close gaps between floorboards and under skirting boards. Make sure though that you don't block ventilation that's needed for boilers and fires as this could be dangerous. Good draught proofing could save you £60 per year.
  • Update your boiler - the older your boiler, the more inefficient it will be, costing you more to keep your home warm. The new A-rated condensing boilers are the most energy efficient, using around 20% less energy than old non-condensing boilers and saving you up to £225 per year.
  • Defrost your fridge and freezer to make sure they're working efficiently and that the door closes properly.
  • Look after your gas heating - gas central heating and gas fires need to be regularly serviced to keep them safe and to keep them running efficiently. Remember to only use a Gas Safe contractor to carry out the work - for more information go to If you've got central heating it is also worth getting the radiators bled to remove any air that could stop it working efficiently.
  • Wrap up your hot water cylinder - jackets for hot water cylinders cost about £15 yet can save you around £35 a year on heating bills.
  • Insulate your roof - on average 25% of heat is lost through the roof if it's not insulated.  Insulating your roof is usually less than a day's work. Investing in 270mm thick loft insulation can save up to £145 a year. If you've already got some insulation, it's worth thinking about whether it needs 'topping-up'.
  • Insulate your cavity walls - on average 33% of heat is lost through the outside walls of your house.  You could save around £110 a year by having cavity walls insulated, saving you lots of money and energy in the long-term.
  • Install double glazing - on average 10-12% of heat is lost through windows.
  • Use energy efficient light bulbs - these are a quick and easy way to start reducing your electricity bills.  The bulbs last ten times longer and use around 80% less energy. You can buy them in your local supermarket or DIY store. You will recoup the cost of purchase within six months.
  • Use a real time energy monitor to track your energy use. Energy monitors provide real time energy usage data that can be used in the home and give information on the amount of energy currently in use as well as the cost. Energy Monitors are available to borrow free of charge from all Libraries across Coventry.

Don't forget you may be eligible for assistance with some of these so make sure you see what's available through Help with insulating or warming your home

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