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Proposed modifications

The recent consultation on the proposed modifications to both Plans finished on the 28 April 2017. All responses have now been reviewed and submitted back to the nominated Inspector. 

Following this consultation process, the proposed modifications and all received responses have now been sent to the Inspector for her final consideration. If the Inspector is satisfied that the proposed changes overcome all outstanding issues of soundness then she will issue her final report and the Council will move towards adoption of the Plans. If issues remain outstanding then the Inspector may call additional hearing sessions or seek written clarification. The following options are now open to the Inspector:

  1. Issue a final report allowing the Council to adopt the Plans if deemed sound and legally compliant or withdraw the Plans should there be identified issues that can not be resolved.
  2. Request further written information from stakeholders or hold further public hearings to obtain additional information around any potentially outstanding issues.
  3. Request further amendments to the Plan which may require a further round of consultation.

As soon as the next stage is known the Council will update its website and notify all interested parties at the earliest opportunity.

The examination process remains open until such time as the Inspector provides her final report.

Local Plan


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