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New SPDs for consultation

DRAFT Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD)

Following the adoption of the Local Plan in December 2017 the City Council are continuing their work on a number of Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD). These documents provide technical detail and guidance to support the use of the Local Plan. This is particularly important at the Planning Application stages.

Six documents are now subject to a period of consultation between Wednesday 8 August and Friday 21 September 2018:

  • Health Impact Assessments SPD – 2nd and final consultation prior to adoption - provides guidance on how to assess the impacts of new development on matters of health and well-being
  • Coventry Connected SPD – 2nd and final consultation prior to adoption - provides guidance on how to model and assess the impacts of development on the local highway network and maximise the benefits of public transport
  • SUE Urban Design Guidance SPD – Provides best practice examples and technical guidance to support the delivery of high quality developments primarily within the planned urban extensions at Eastern Green and Keresley.
  • Hot Food Takeaway SPD – Provides supporting guidance on how applications for hot food takeaways will be assessed through the planning process. To support this consultation you can also use the policies map to review the draft 5 min walk isochrones around schools and overlap that with designated centres. Please note that this is only presented in draft at this stage and for the purpose of supporting the consultation. It remains subject to review.
  • Trees and Development Guidance SPD – Advises on how tree protection measures and assessments should be considered in support of planning applications, TPO applications and Conservation Area notices.
  • Air Quality SPD – Advises on how matters of air quality will be considered as part of the planning process, focusing on mitigating impacts from development.

A number of consultation events have been set up where we will be available to discuss the documents:




3 September 2018

Cheylesmore Library

4.30pm - 6.30pm *Note the revised time from that previously published

5 September 2018

City Centre Library

4pm - 6.45pm

6 September 2018

Allesley Park Library

2pm - 5pm

11 September 2018

Canley Library

11am - 2pm

12 September 2018

City Centre Library

5pm - 7pm

13 September 2018

Canley Library

3pm - 5.45pm

14 September 2018

Keresley Library

2pm - 5pm

15 September 2018

Keresley Library

12noon - 2pm

20 September 2018

Cheylesmore Library

2pm - 5pm

All responses should preferably be sent via email to or in writing to:

Coventry City Council
PO Box 15
Council House

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