Primary school admissions

Applying for a place 2015

Make an online application for a school place for a child who is starting school for the first time. If you need support with this, a User Guide is available. There is also detailed information about the application process in our booklet "Primary Education in Coventry 2015".

The brochure will give you information about applying for a school place and gives details about schools that are available in the city, including:

  • admission arrangements for local authority primary schools
  • admission arrangements for Catholic primary schools
  • admission arrangements for Church of England primary schools
  • admission arrangements for Free Schools
  • admission arrangements for Academies
  • advice on making an application
  • the admissions process timetable (see below)

Common application form and supplementary forms

The Common Application Form can be used to apply for a place at a local authority community, Catholic or Church of England Primary School within Coventry.

You will also need to complete the supplementary form if you are applying for a place at St. Bartholomew's, St John's or Leigh Church of England schools (including when applying online).

A supplementary form must also be completed if you wish to apply for Seva School on Faith grounds.

Dates for applications and appeals

Date What's happening
1 September 2014  Parents can make applications
15 January 2015 Closing date for applications and final date for any changes to addresses
16 April 2015

Letters posted by second class delivery to inform parents of allocated school. E-mails sent to online applicants

May - August 2015  Allocation of places from waiting lists and any late applications
May - July 2015  Appeals heard

Finding out about schools in Coventry

Further information about each school can be found in its prospectus, which can be obtained direct from the school. Arrangements can be made to visit individual schools by contacting the headteacher.

Children are likely to benefit most from their school days if parents and teachers work closely together. You will find that headteachers will be pleased to meet you, so do not hesitate to contact them if you have any queries or matters of concern.

Primary Admissions 2015

Admissions And Benefits (Primary - applying for the first time)

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Primary admissions team

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Tel: 024 7683 1622