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Education travel assistance consultation

Why are changes proposed?

Local Authorities have some statutory responsibilities to assist children and young people with SEN (Special Educational Needs) and/or disability to attend school or college. The law makes it clear that if a pupil attends a school that is the nearest suitable school to their home and the school is more than 2 miles away (children under 8) or more than 3 miles away for children over 8 travel assistance must be provided. However, Coventry currently provides travel assistance for some pupils who live much closer to school than this.

As a consequence:

  • Some children and young people are not given the opportunity to develop the independent travel skills that they need in adulthood; and
  • The Council is spending significantly more money on travel assistance than necessary, therefore diverting funds from other important services.

SEN and Disability: The law places additional requirements to offer travel assistance to pupils with significant SEN and disability irrespective of the distance from home to school.

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