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Active for Health


Active project

Ronnie (see picture, top right)

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May 2011 - February 2013


Ronnie referred himself onto One Body One Life (OBOL) back in May 2011. In this programme it was recommended that he join Active for Health (AfH), which he did later in the year. He completed this programme, making further health improvements. However, he wanted to 'top up' his knowledge on healthy eating, so signed up for a second OBOL course in April 2012. Since then he has been invited back for a three month follow-up and has shown even more improvements.

Brief outline of physical activity first prescribed

First OBOL: walking, badminton, ball games, frisbee, circuit, lots of variety

What he enjoyed about it:

"It made me realise I could still do these things - I thought I was past that! I became competitive again and got my co-ordination back."

Second OBOL: Tai Chi, walks, ball games, circuits

What he enjoyed about it

"It inspired me to buy a Tai Chi DVD and realise I have to keep 'on the go'. It also made me a lot more conscious about my 'Five A Day', so much so that since then I'm talking to my friends about it, too. I know I can't lecture in it or anything, but if I can help them at all, I will".

Active for Health - Original activities

The programme was written with the aim of helping Ronnie to be more flexible for dancing. So it included various cardio and weights machines to help range of motion and agility, and also thorough stretches.

What he's doing now

Ronnie's kept a very similar programme as he's happy with it, but has managed to increase the repetitions and level of the workout as he's got fitter. He also introduced a new machine to help with his new dance moves, that required him to swing his hips more! He's also introduced the toning tables to his schedule.

Measures 3 May 2013 21 June 2011  21 October 2011  6 February 2012  24 April 2012 13 September 2012 

Weight (kg)







Body Fat %














Waist (cm)







Blood pressure







Heart rate







Visceral Fat






This really demonstrates how making small changes over time makes a lasting impact on someone. It also shows how his new found motivation has made great changes even when not on a programme.

Healthy eating changes

Ronnie went from having three portions of fruit and vegetables a day to five or more. He also used to drink no hydrating drinks, and now is on five or more a day. Typically, he would have three microwave dinners or takeaways a week and now is down to just one.

How goal-setting helped

Goal-setting is an integral part of the One Body One Life and Active for Health programmes.

"It made me conscious that I was drinking too much alcohol, so this [the goal-setting] really helped me move forward with this. It got me back on track with my healthy eating too."


Progression Routes

When Ronnie started in 2011 he was dancing three times per week, including Salsa, Ballroom and Line Dancing. Now, he's out five or six times a week with extra dance styles such as Modern Jive, Argentine Tango, and is also practicing for a Cabaret championship. These are all two to three hours each, so all this exercise means he gets to eat the larger portions that he's used to, but is now having more healthy versions of these.

What did you particularly enjoy about the process?

"It gave me a sense of direction and I really enjoyed getting involved with others. I think the programme is designed to get certain changes in people such as weight, but you don't realise how much difference it makes to the person, even if it's just for that time."


"The second time round [of OBOL] I really made it apply to my lifestyle and what is realistic to me."

"My granddad lived until he was 95 and he did exercise right up until he died so I want to be like that - not dependant on others."

Other comments:

"People can't go wrong doing this. It doesn't matter what state of mind you're in - you can only benefit! The programme helps manage conditions, no matter what they are. It can also help to regain confidence - confidence might be lost but it can always be rediscovered. The person who helps you the most is yourself."


"Before I was struggling with the stairs as there are three flights up to my flat. Now I can get up them without a problem. The programme was really good, and encourages you to become more active, and lead a healthier lifestyle." She states she now feels "fitter and more confident".

Client changes

  Start 6 weeks 12 Weeks

Weight (kg)




Body Fat %








Waist (cm)




Blood pressure





Sessions...were really good for me because they didn't reinforce the negatives about myself or give me 'prescriptions' that I could not follow but grounded me with some simple ways forward.


I now understand why I had to be a bit more careful than other people, and am glad I had the exercise consultants to advise me on the right exercises. I now feel happier, more positive, energetic and motivated to carry on! Looking at pictures of me before I started the programme has made me realise the differences it has made to the way I look and I'm so proud of myself. 
I really encourage anyone to do this - not just for weight changes. It helps you emotionally, by taking small positive steps forward - no rush that might overwhelm you.


Without a doubt I would recommend this to anyone else, particularly for women who have just had a baby. It's great for getting you out of the house and taking positive steps forward.

I felt Immediately more motivated, I had more energy and was much happier.


At the beginning of the program Sheila described herself as 'depressed and anxious' and even went on to say 'unfit and ugly'. These negative statements however, were turned around by the end of the program as she then said she felt 'much fitter and healthier' - which isn't surprising considering her physiological changes.

She also commented that the program was so good because the 'friendly staff understand my needs'.

Sheila's changes
Start  Finish 
Weight 69kg Weight 61.5kg
BMI 32.4 BMI 28.8
Waist circumference 101cm Waist circumference 87 cm
Blood pressure 147/73 Blood pressure
Body fat 45.2% Body fat 41%


Before joining Active for Health, Blanche was not happy with herself. However, on completion of the program she describes herself as 'A lot better - I have a spring in my step'. She particularly appreciated 'the way the [exercise] consultants made me feel comfortable'. In addition, she says: "I've enjoyed and learned a lot from this experience, made friends and I would refer others.  I wish I hadn't wasted time going from gym to gym and found this earlier."

Blanche's changes
Start Finish
Weight 99kg Weight 95kg
BMI 40.4 BMI 38.3
Waist circumference 122cm Waist circumference 115.5cm 
Hip circumference 91cm Hip circumference 86cm 
Lung function 370 Lung function 420 


Liz's changes
Start  Finish 
Weight 100kg Weight 95kg
BMI 32.3 BMI 30.7 
Waist circumference 111cm Waist circumference 98.5cm 
Hip circumference 122cm Hip circumference 118 


Other comments

This project should be promoted more to all doctors as I feel for [me] it has been a great success


Thank you very much, I have really benefitted from this programme and have really appreciated your support and friendly advice


I feel more motivated, less tired and my back is better

C.L Vittat

I would like to thank all the staff for their help and guidance because without them a lot of people would fail to get to their goal


Very happy with AfH and will also let other people know about this product. Great achievement


I found out about the OBOL Exercise Club from my GP Practice.

I have never enjoyed exercise and never maintained regular exercise. However, I do enjoy this class and have been attending now since January 2016.  I enjoy the variety of exercises we perform each week.  I find this preferable to gym exercise which is repetitive and to me, boring.  Also, I enjoy the camaraderie of the class, something not achieved at a gym.  The other participants are friendly and supportive.  The trainer(s) are very encouraging and work hard to make the sessions varied and enjoyable., The exercises are achievable but challenging and I feel pleased when I am able to perform an exercise better – showing improvement.  The trainers are not judgemental regarding peoples ability, size or age, something which I have found off-putting at the gym where most other attendees are stick thin!

The health check I found useful as a benchmark for improvement and an eye-opener as to my own health situation.

As well as attending the class, I have tried to incorporate more exercise into my daily life.  My windows are now clean, as are the floors and I have managed to walk further distances of up to 2.5 miles!

At my recent medication review for hypertension at my GP surgery, the practice nurse was pleased that my BP has reduced and we discussed that this may be due to my increased exercise.

I now need to work on weight management to lose some weight.

I am very pleased with the programme and am glad the practice nurse referred me.  It has helped me to make some changes to my lifestyle, and my BP seems to be benefiting.

Barbara Bazeley, Exercise Referral Class at Sidney Stringer School - 15 Sept 2016

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