Coventry Talk Now

The Coventry Talk Now website provides advice, information and support to parents/carers and early years practitioners to help all Coventry's young children become confident communicators for life.

What service do we offer?

The website has been developed by a multi-disciplinary team of Speech and Language Therapists, early years practitioners, Family Learning teachers and Children's Librarians. The site is also regularly updated with news and views and monthly top tips and there are links to other websites which promote children's early language and communication development.

The website contains

  • Sections describing early language and communication development with lots of practical ideas and suggestions
  • A speech and language therapy section
  • A top tips section
  • A question an answer section
  • Access to useful resources

Resources which can be downloaded from the site include advice and information leaflets, posters, Chatter Cards, the Rhymetime booklet and Bookstart leaflets.

Coventry Talk Now

Floor 5, Civic Centre 4, Much Park Street, Coventry, CV1 2PY


Tel: 024 7678 5901