Housing associations and co-ops

Whitefriars Housing Group

Website: www.whitefriarshousing.co.uk
E-mail: info@whitefriarshousing.co.uk

Midland Heart Housing Association

Website: www.midlandheart.org.uk
E-mail: contact@midlandheart.org.uk

Orbit Heart of England Housing Association

Website: www.orbit.org.uk
E-mail: info@orbit.org.uk

Jephson Housing Association

Website: www.jephson.org.uk
E-mail: leamington@jephson.org.uk

Mercian Housing Association

Website: www.mercian.org.uk

Ashram Housing Association

Website: www.ashramha.org.uk
E-mail: info@ashramha.org.uk

Guinness Trust

Website: www.guinnesstrust.org.uk

ASRA Midlands Housing Association

Website: www.sanctuary-housing.co.uk

Housing 21

Website: www.housing21.co.uk
E-mail: lettings@housing21.co.uk

Starley Housing Cooperative

E-mail: starley@starleyhousingcooperative.co.uk

Nehemiah Housing Association

Website: www.nehemiah.co.uk
E-mail: c.services@nehemiah-ucha.co.uk

Coventry Direct

Open 8am–8pm Mon to Fri, and 9am–1pm Sat. Excluding bank holidays.

2nd floor, Spire House, New Union Street, Coventry, CV1 2PW


Tel: (0500/02476) 834333

Fax: 024 7629 4413

Visit: http://www.coventry.gov.uk/coventrydirect