Disabled Blue Badge Scheme

Lost, stolen and replacement Blue Badges


There will be a £10 fee payable on issue of your lost, stolen or replacement badge.

Stolen Blue Badges

You should report stolen badges to the Police - Blue Badges are valuable in the wrong hands. Also, please contact Coventry Direct, as soon as possible.

Lost Blue Badges

If the badge was issued by Coventry City Council, please contact Coventry Direct as soon as possible.

Replacement Blue Badges

You may request a replacement badge under these circumstances. You will be asked to wait a period of 4 weeks before the badge is replaced,. During this period the badge may be found or recovered and this must be reported to Coventry Direct. You will need to provide one recently taken passport style/size photographs of yourself that must be signed by you on the back.

If you have been given a replacement badge and the lost or stolen badge is then found or recovered, do not use it, it must be returned to the Blue Badge team.

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Blue badge team

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