Help with funeral expenses

Requests for financial help

You can ask Bereavement Services for advice or help if you are:

  • A relative
  • A family friend
  • Owner/manager of a private/council nursing or residential home
  •  Funeral Director may advise a person to contact Bereavement Services prior to making funeral arrangements.

When you contact Bereavement Services the Funeral Advisor will:

  • Arrange to meet you
  • Advise if we can give financial help, and if so how
  • Advise you of the costs for which you will be responsible (see details below)
  • Complete Bereavement Services' relevant application forms as appropriate
  • Assist and advise you in making arrangements for the funeral
  • Liaise with the Funeral Director appointed by Bereavement Services
  • Advise of any alternative options for financial help, if you do not meet Bereavement Services' criteria
  • Give you a Benefits Agency claim form id appropriate and if necessary assist in the completion of the form.

Bereavement services

The Lodge, Cannon Hill Road, Coventry, CV4 7DF


Tel: 024 7678 5486