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Child sexual exploitation (CSE)

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  1. Child sexual exploitation (CSE)
  1. Boys and young men

Boys and young men

Young men have explained that their sexual exploitation is often overlooked by practitioners. there is some evidence that young men who are being sexually exploited are often more likely to be criminalised for their behaviour and viewed as a perpetrator. Young men's victim hood often goes unrecognised and professionals may tend to focus on boys and young men's outward behaviour, such as offending or drug or alcohol use, without questioning the reasons behind it.

Behaviours that may be likely to be recognised as evidence of risk for a girl or young women may be interpreted as a young man experimenting with their sexuality or demonstrating sexually harmful behaviour to others .

Boys' campaign

The purpose of the campaign is twofold, one to highlight the fact that boys and young men can be victims of CSE and two, what boys and young men can do to prevent CSE. The campaign will use a hashtag so that individuals can write and take a photo of a comment next to the hashtag/s and these will be uploaded to social media sites. Campaign to run in conjunction with International Men’s day on 19 November 2016. Provide organisations with resources so that each agency can deliver their own work with young people on this theme.

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