Housing Benefits payment schedule

If you are expecting a payment into your bank on Monday 28 May (Bank holiday), you will be paid on 25 May. Cheques will be paid as normal.

Change of circumstances

Let us know when you move house, change who you're living with or your financial situation changes.

Benefits appeals

How to make an appeal if you think a decision we've made is wrong.

Benefits appointments

Book an appointment with our trained staff. 

Local Housing Allowance

Information for landlords about your tenants' benefit payments.

Benefits Advice Line

Find out what financial support you can get.

Universal Credit

About the rollout of Universal Credit in Coventry.

Benefit fraud

How to report benefit fraud.

Free school meals

Find out whether your child is able to receive free school meals.

Housing Benefit overpayments

What to do if you have been overpaid on your benefits.

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