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Bin collection changes

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  1. Changes to household waste collections
  2. Your questions answered
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Your questions answered

Why do we need to change its waste collection service?

Financial cuts mean that by 2020 the Council will have had a 55% reduction in the government grants it has received, the equivalent of £120m a year in cuts.

Changing the way we collect your bins will save over £1 million a year. This will help us to protect frontline services for our most vulnerable residents.

How will my collections change?

From mid-September, weekly collections of the green-lidded bins will stop. We will collect your green lidded bin one week and your brown-lidded bin and blue-lidded bin the next. 

If you have your own bins you will be issued with a new free food waste caddy. This can be kept in your kitchen to collect all of your food waste - both cooked and uncooked.

When full, the food waste can then be put in your brown-lidded bin or green-lidded bin for collection by our crews.

I live in a flat with communal bins, will my collections change?

We will not be changing the way that we collect communal bins. If you do not currently have recycling facilities you may be asked to separate your waste and recycle more in the future.

Are other local councils doing this?

Yes. There are many authorities who empty their rubbish bins every other week. Some areas have successfully reduced collection to every three weeks.

I don't have a brown-lidded bin. Can I still recycle my food waste?

If you don't currently have a brown-lidded bin you will need to dispose of your food waste in your green-lidded bin.

If you would like a brown-lidded bin you can order one online. Smaller bins are available on request.

Will my collection day change?

The changes mean that your collection day may change. But whatever day we collect it will be the same day for all of your bins. You will receive a new collection calendar along with your food waste caddy. Please check your calendar carefully to see if your day has changed. Please ensure that your bins are out for collection from 7am on your scheduled day.

What can I put in my caddy, and how do I use it?

Your caddy will come with further information and guidance on how to use it and what can go in it, including information on where to get more compostable liners. You can keep your caddy in your kitchen if you prefer. Please do not leave your caddy on the kerbside for collection with your household bins. The caddy should be emptied into your green-lidded or your brown-lidded bin only. 

Do I have to use liners in the caddy?

We'll give you a free roll of 10 to get you started. but you don't have to use liners in your caddy if you don't want to. If you prefer, you can simply rinse it out after use. However if you do use liners, please only use compostable ones. Plastic bags do not break down as the waste composts and so should not be used.

What happens to the food waste after you empty my bins? 

Food waste in your brown-lidded bin will be composted for use locally. Food waste in the green-lidded bin will not be composted, but instead will be taken to the Energy from Waste Plant, which helps extract energy from waste to heat public buildings. 

Won't my green-lidded bin smell and attract pests if it is not collected every week?

If you use your bins correctly and follow some simple tips there is no reason why you should have any problems. Remember to:

  • ensure that potentially smelly waste is secured in a tied bag or sack before putting it in the bin
  • make sure the bin lid is closed securely to stop flies getting in
  • recycle as much as possible in the blue-lidded bin and brown-lidded bin and rinse containers and tubs before putting them in the bin

Don't forget that food waste can still be collected every week by putting it in your green-lidded bin one week and your brown-lidded bin the next.

Someone in my household has a medical condition which means we produce more waste. What can I do?

Applications can be made for an additional bin. As part of the assessment, a home visit will be carried out and an additional bin may be granted when we are confident that every reasonable effort is being made to recycle and/or compost. 

Will there be enough room in the green-lidded bin when it is not collected every week?

By recycling as much as possible in your blue-lidded bins and brown-lidded bins, you should have enough room in your green-lidded bin for everything else. There are some cases where residents may be entitled to an additional green-lidded bin for their waste. These are in households where:

  • there are six or more people
  • there are five people including a child or children in nappies
  • a resident has a medical condition that results in an increase in waste production

If you meet any of the criteria you can make an application for an additional bin. Additional green-lidded bins will only be granted where recycling services are being fully utilised.

Additional blue and brown-lidded bins are available for all and can be requested online.

I have young children in nappies, how do I cope with extra waste and smell?

To avoid odours, nappies can be bagged in nappy sacks before being placed into your wheeled bin to prevent smells. Under certain circumstances, we may grant you an additional green-lidded bin.

If I have extra waste, can I leave it by the bin for collection?

Only waste contained within the bins can be collected.

When is the tip or Household Recycling and Reuse Centre open?

View information about the tip's opening times and site restrictions.

What will happen if my bin is missed?

We will leave you a yellow tag on your bin to let you know if there was a reason we could not collect it. Please rectify the problem and we will collect it on your next scheduled collection day.

If you did not receive a yellow tag you can report a missed bin

Our crews will only return to a missed bin in the following circumstances:

  • the bin was out for collection before 7am on the scheduled day
  • the bin contained the correct items and was not too heavy to be safely collected 

Please do not tell us that your bin has been missed before 5pm on your scheduled collection day as we may still be working. Reports for missed bins submitted more than two days after the scheduled collection cannot be processed.

I am unable to move my wheeled bin and have no one to help me. What can I do?

If you are elderly, infirm or disabled with no one at home able to help you, you may qualify for an assisted collection. Apply for an assisted collection online, or call our Customer Contact Centre.

My existing bins are damaged. Can they be replaced?

You can report a damaged bin online. We may repair your bin at your home or swap it for a new one. This can take six to eight weeks.

I have lots of recycling. Can I put extra recycling out with my recycling bin?

Please don't put extra waste out. Any extra recycling can be taken to the tip (Recycling and Reuse Centre). However, if you regularly produce a large amount of recycling, you can apply for an additional recycling bin online

Does the lid on my bin need to be closed?

Yes please - lid closed and out by 7am.

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