Our aims for your waste

Where does your waste go?

Blue-lidded bins

The recyclate collected in the blue lidded bins is taken from Coventry to Biffa Materials Recycling Facility, Aldridge. The materials are separated in a mainly mechanical process. The segregated materials are sold on to various recycling companies.

Garden waste bins

Garden waste is taken to a local facility where it is composted in windrows. 

Rubbish bins

Household rubbish is taken to Coventry and Solihull Waste Disposal Company. The waste is incinerated. Energy is generated from the incineration process and sold to the National Grid.

Paper banks

Paper and cardboard collected in Coventry's paper banks is taken to Smurfit Kappa where it is recycled into packaging material.

Bottle banks

Bottles and jars collected in Coventry's bottle banks is collected by Berrymans and taken to Knottingly, Yorkshire where it is recycled into container glass. 

Can banks

Cans collected in Coventry's can banks are taken to CROW (Coventry Recycling of Waste).  

Textile banks

Materials collected in the European Textiles Recycling Banks are sorted in the West Midlands and sold for use/re-use in developing countries.   

Recycling and Reuse Centre (the tip)

Various domestic materials are accepted for recycling at the Recycling and Reuse Centre. These include glass, cans, paper and cardboard, garden waste, reusable tools, small electrical items, fridges and freezers and clean wood.

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