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Memorials in parks

Memorialisation is an important and deeply personal way to remember a very special person, connecting generations long into the future. A memorial gives you a permanent place of reflection and comfort, where family and friends can remember a loved one for years to come.

We are able to offer memorial trees and benches, some with markers and plaques, depending on location. We do have restrictions on localities, the type of memorial and the laying of tokens and flowers once the memorial is in place due to the varied nature and use of the sites we manage. Unfortunately we do not allow members of the public to buy and plant their own trees on publicly owned sites.

We hope that you will be able to find a memorial that you feel is appropriate and which you feel comfortable with. Park Service staff can provide guidance on the site.

When will planting happen?

Planting can take place ‘by’ a specific date, but we may not always be able to accommodate ‘on’ a specific date, but we will do our best to accommodate family wishes. Park officers may not always be available to attend planting days. This is normally attended by the planting contractor and family.

Memorial guidelines

Should you choose to go ahead with a memorial we ask that you observe the following guidelines.

  • Do not leave anything that will not biodegrade such as offerings of coins, clothing, ribbons, balloons or jewellery at the site.
  • Do not leave plastic flowers, notes or physical structures at the site.
  • Real flowers may be left at the time of placing or planting and at each subsequent annual anniversary if you wish, but please remove them after one to two weeks as they can impact on other visitors enjoying the site with their family. Flowers on site after two weeks will be removed by council staff.
  • Flowers at memorial trees should be left at the base of the tree and not attached or tied to the tree in any way.
  • Do not cut or remove natural vegetation such as plants and trees.
  • Do not plant any additional shrubs, annual flowers or plants at the base of the tree. Some appropriate flowering bulb species will be allowed upon request.
  • Alternative memorial stone/plaque designs are not permitted.

Park service rangers


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