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The City Council is currently undertaking a review of Ward Forums as part of a wider look at the way we engage with local people to make sure that the mechanisms we use are as effective as possible and use our resources in the best way. A report will be expected to be considered by Cabinet within the next few months and this report will be publically available. The review aims to ensure that future meetings are well planned, publicised and attended and fit within a broader approach to engagement.

In light of the Review and the fact that the Council’s Annual General Meeting is taking place later than usual, the Forums will not be arranged until September 2014.

What are Ward Forums?

Ward Forums are a way of taking a closer look at the places where we live and making life in our neighbourhoods better together.

They are an important way for local people to get involved and get things done on their doorstep and are organised by the council to enable the public to stake a claim for changes to happen locally.

The forums meet regularly between 7.00pm - 9.00pm, except St. Michael's (6.00pm - 8.00pm) and Upper Stoke (6.30pm - 8.30pm). They meet in local venues and are led by one of the three councillors who represent each of the 18 wards on Coventry City Council.

The forums also include other people who care about local neighbourhoods - council staff, police, community and voluntary groups - and that's why we want people like you, people who can talk about life on your doorstep and the things that matter most to your community.

It's easy to get involved - just turn up on the night and we'll make sure you feel welcome.

For details and a full list of the next meetings in your area see the Ward Forum meetings pages.  You can also access archive information from previous years on our web pages.

Not sure which ward you live in?

If you are not sure which ward you live in you can check using our "Who is your Councillor?" search. It will also give you the names and contact details for your local councillors.

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