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Joint statement from Coventry City Council and Interfaith and Communities Forum

Published Thursday, 24 March 2016

Coventry faith communities, the Council and the city’s Muslim Forum met this week and obviously the news of the Brussels terror attacks was a cause of great concern among community leaders.

We want to express our deepest sympathies to all those who have lost their lives, and the many people who were injured following the horrific events.

We know that countries near and far have been the victims of these brutal attacks on innocent people and again we want to show our absolute support to everyone affected.

Coventry is a city of peace and tolerance and our communities wish to be unified in our commitment to maintaining the positive community relations that we have always strived for.

That is the value of our interfaith and communities forum and we will continue to be vigilant in speaking out against acts of terrorism. 

We also wish to show our solidarity and condemn and reject all attempts by extremists who may seek to divide us. 

Dr Shehu, chair of the Coventry Muslim Forum, added: "This terrible act goes totally against all principles of Islamic teachings, which are of living in peace, harmony and justice with all.

"The people who commit these acts are criminals, and that’s why the Muslims of Coventry and all our faith communities have condemned, and will continue to condemn, any form of terrorism."

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