Choose How You Move in Coventry

Published Tuesday, 05 December 2017

Join in the conversation, how do you travel more actively in Coventry and Warwickshire?

Two people on bikes

Our  “Choose How You Move” campaign, is here to support and signpost people who travel in Coventry and Warwickshire ( and beyond!) to make the big or small change to active travel.

So, have you taken up the challenge? We want to find out if people have and what they have done differently. So tell us on social media, we are friendly and would love to hear from you!

For some people its the changes to their health and fitness they have noticed, for others its been meeting new people on buses or trains, and for others its been the chance to take more notice of things around them whilst walking or cycling.

In the spirit of having some festive fun we are throwing out a photo challenge to everyone, come and join us on social media and upload a photo from your active travel journey. A picture of your bike, a squirrel on your walk, the view out of the train window, anything that shows us your active travel story

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Could you make that trip without the car? Even if for just one day or one trip per week, could you do part of your journey differently – by walking, cycling or using public transport? Have you thought about car sharing? Even thinking about turning off your engine when queuing or at traffic lights can make a big difference in terms of reducing air pollution.

If you haven't started your active travel planning then start today and plan part, or all of your new journey. Watch our animations and get some advice on the website

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