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V.C Hutt medal finally found

Published Tuesday, 20 March 2018

After years of hunting for Corporal Arthur Hutt's V.C medal, the family have now located it.

VC Hutt Medal

In 1917 Arthur Hutt was awarded the Victoria Cross medal for bravery during the First World War.   

Loz Hutt, a family relation and Freeman of the City of Coventry, finally came across another family member of Arthur Hutt and quickly found that the medals were not lost or stolen after all.  

He said: "I cannot believe after decades of research and rumours of the missing V.C medal, we have at last found it. It was fate that I met Arthur Hutt’s grandson, Steven Taylor, on Remembrance Sunday last year.  

"I introduced myself to Steve and explained my connection to Coventry's V.C hero.  

"He then explained that he has the medal but had to respect his mother's wishes to keep the medal a secret for over 50 years. It is only now he has revealed he has the medal as his mother sadly passed away.  

"After exchanging messages, Steve agreed to display the medal for my family and I to see." 

Loz could not put into words how he felt when he saw the medal for the first time. After decades of rumours and tales, he now had closure.  

He added: "It turned out Steve was actually a teacher at my secondary school, and whilst he recognised my surname, still could not say anything because of his mother's wishes." 

Loz would like to thank all of those involved in finding the medal, along with Steven Taylor for making it possible.  

He said: "I am proud to be related to Arthur Hutt V.C and happy have closure on the rumours and tales. The medal resides as it always has done with Arthur's direct family."  

The medal will be available to view at the Herbert Art Gallery soon. 

Pictured: Steven Taylor and Loz Hutt with V.C medal.

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