Coventry under the spotlight for Norwegian Health delegation

Published Thursday, 12 April 2018

A group of Norwegian health professionals and policy makers visited Coventry this week as part of a two day visit to the UK.

Norwegian delegation

The group visited University College London, Institute of Health Equity and the City Council.

They hope to gather practical examples from our work on social determinants of health to take back and influence Norway’s future thinking and policy making on reducing health inequalities.

Coventry was chosen is one of seven pilot cities adopting the policy recommendations of Sir Michael Marmot as a result of his report “Fairer Society, Healthy Lives” commissioned by the Secretary of Health back in 2008.

A Marmot city since 2013, Coventry were able to showcase what has been achieved so far. Coventry is now the only “Marmot” city in the UK.

The delegates took a tour of Hillfields family hub and were given insights into our approach on early years education. There was also a visit to the Job Shop where we discussed our successes around getting people into work who face additional barriers either through their physical health or a learning disability. The delegation took an interest in the “Keeping Coventry Warm” initiative, recognising that poor health outcomes can often result from cold and damp living conditions.

The delegates met with public health officers, Public Health England, councillors and colleagues from health agencies, the Police and fire service.

Liz Gaulton, Deputy Director of Public Health at Coventry city council, said: “We are pleased to be able to share how the Marmot approach is working and the successes we have already achieved.”

“We continue to work with Sir Michael Marmot and his team at the Institute of Health Equity to improve the lives of everyone in Coventry.”

“We are delighted that Norway has recognised our approach and wanted to learn from the pioneering work going on in Coventry. We look forward to maintaining the links we have made and sharing best practice.”

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