Education and Skills Cabinet Member hits out at grammar school plans

Published Monday, 14 May 2018

Coventry’s Cabinet Member for Education and Skills has hit out at new plans to expand Grammar and Faith school places.

But Cllr Kevin Maton said the plans would be counter to the need for a collective and inclusive approach to school admissions.

He said: “We are working with all our schools to ensure that any new capacity meets identified needs and is supported by schools as part of a single agreed places strategy and plan.

“The building of any new secondary school in Coventry outside of our strategic plan would contradict that aim and undermine our collective approach.

“Whilst there is undoubtedly a need to invest in the fabric of some primary schools, there is no need for additional primary school places or whole schools.

“This money comes at a time when school budgets are being reduced in Coventry – rather than money being announced for selective schools, we want to see resources for mainstream teaching and learning in schools and colleges increased. The overriding need is for investment in new capacity to meet Special Education Needs and not for religious schools.”

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