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Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

Oxford DNB.

This e-resource is available from a library computer and from home.

Explore the lives of almost 60,000 people worldwide in this illustrated online collection of specially written biographies. Written by specialist authors, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography biographies introduce users to the people behind British history's great events - from the ancient Greek explorer Pytheas to Princess Diana, and from the founding fathers of America to the Nawabs of Bengal - as well as its literature, science, art, music, and ideas.

The resource

  • Access authoritative content you can trust, with more than 11,000 specialist contributors from 35 countries
  • Discover the wealth of Oxford Dictionary of National Biography content through themed articles, reference lists, and special articles
  • Versatile searching allows you to make your own connections: delve into specific areas of interest, e.g. female scientists, 20th-century Scottish writers, or shapers of empire
  • Incorporate the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography into your teaching with our learning resources, sample lesson plans, teachers' notes, and links to external websites
  • Three annual updates add new biographies - including people active in the 21st century - along with quick reference guides

Search and browse

  • Use Advanced search or Quick search to find the content you need - search by name, date, field of interest or occupation, place of birth, education, residence, death or burial, religious affiliation, and more
  • Browse people or contributors alphabetically or by birth date

Sharing and citation tools

  • Share content with the ability to print or email search results and entries
  • Quickly cite content with the copy and cite feature available for each entry

From a library computer:

Go to Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

You do not need to create an account or remember any login details as this e-resource will log in automatically if you are using a library computer.

From home:

Go to Oxford Dictionary of National Biography

What you will need to login:

  • Your library card number

Frequently asked questions

I am using the Wi-Fi in the library. Why can't I use Oxford Dictionary of National Biography?

This e-resource uses an IP address range to automatically log in if you are using a library computer. The Wi-Fi service is provided on a different IP address range which is not registered with Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. You will need to book a computer to use this e-resource.

I am using a library computer but still cannot use Oxford Dictionary of National Biography?

You will need to speak to a member of staff so they can report the problem to the Service Desk.

I am trying to log in from home but have forgotten my library card number?

You will need to visit your local library with identification and proof of address (i.e. driving licence, utility bill) so we can look you up and provide you with your library card number.

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