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Coventry's SEND local offer - Youth Offending Service

The aim of the Youth Offending Service is to prevent re-offending (and, for those young people on Out of Court Disposals, their entry into the Criminal Justice System). 

Coventry Youth Offending Service (CYOS)  is a multi-agency service, comprising staff from Education, Social Care, Health, Probation and the Police. Partner agencies include Coventry, Solihull & Warwickshire Partnership (CSWP), Compass (Young Peoples’ Alcohol & Substance Misuse Service) etc. 

When a young person becomes known to CYOS, a full assessment is conducted. This includes an educational report and any SEN needs they may have. This is to ensure that interventions can be delivered appropriately and meet individual need. All young people receive a general health assessment.

The key tasks of the service are:

  • Assessing and delivering interventions to the out-of-court-disposal cohort
  • Management and delivery of community sentences
  • Management  and delivery of secure estate sentences and resettlement
  • Servicing the Youth Court and Crown Courts (in terms of provision of a court team, Bail & Health assessments, provision of pre-sentence reports and stand down reports)
  • Victim services 
  • Parenting services and management of parenting orders
YOS can only be involved and support a young person for the duration of their Community Court Order or Out of Court Disposal. However, for young people exiting custody, Integration & Reintegration Support (IRS) can be offered for up to 3 months beyond the end of their statutory Licence (or up to 6 months if assessed need). This is on a totally voluntary basis however. This support can include areas such as accommodation, ETE, benefits etc. Occasional Prevention Programmes are delivered in schools.

National Standards set by the Youth Justice Board dictate timescales within which young people must be seen and frequency of contact. As a result, there are no waiting lists; young people are immediately allocated a case manager.


024 7683 1414

Where you can use this service in Coventry

The YOS is a citywide service based in Broadgate House.

Can I use this service?

CYOS is not an open access service, it is for young people (and their parent carers) aged 10 – 17 years of age (plus some 18 year olds, dependant upon Order, vulnerabilities etc.), who have received either an Out of Court Disposal or a Court Order.

YOS also works with victims of offending behaviour. This work can involve mediation, direct reparation, receiving letters of apology etc.

YOS cannot take individual referrals.

There are two access routes into our service:

  • Out of Court Disposals, which are a pre-court disposal which came into force in April 2013 under The Legal Aid Sentencing & Punishment of Offenders Act. 
  • The other primary route is via the Courts when young people are made subject to YOS Bail packages or sentenced. 

Any victim of a youth crime is also eligible to receive services. 


  • YOS can offer 1:1 or group parenting support. This may include parenting skills, helping agree boundaries for young people and some advocacy support. Referral to the City wide parenting programmes can also be made. 
  • A weekly parenting group takes place which  acts as a self-support group
  • Support in accessing family programmes in custodial facilities.

Young people:

  • Apart from the services/programmes delivered internally by case managers, specialist workers and support staff, YOS can also refer young people onto specialist programmes such as Relate, Vibes, Streetwise, NSPCC, etc. 
  • Where an assessment of need is made, a key-worker can be assigned to the young person to offer additional support and identified intervention. 
  • YOS offers support with ‘positive activities’, such as Fire Programmes, Fishing, Music technology programmes.

It is important to help young people access facilities to integrate them into their communities such as Youth Clubs, sports clubs, specialist support groups (e.g. Young carers) etc. 

Your views and how to get involved

YOS will contact parent/carers as soon as a young person becomes known to the service. Involvement would be encouraged at each stage of the Order; from the Initial assessment and Intervention Plan, review meetings, through to the end of order meeting.

At the start and end of their Orders, young people complete a ‘What Do You Think’ questionnaire. There is also one for parents/carers. Information from these must be considered and included in the young person’s intervention plan.

Where engagement is an issue, young people and parents/carers are invited to an engagement panel to seek how the service may best respond to support engagement.

Young people are asked to complete evaluation forms at the end of sessions so that the service can continually review what and how sessions are delivered. End of Order evaluations are also obtained from young people and parent/carers.

YOS uses Youth Service staff to conduct quarterly evaluation sessions with young people. Where necessary, we use interpreters in sessions to aid the understanding of either/or young people and parent/carers.  We also use signers. We are able to have sessions and information leaflets translated where necessary. We have also used translation cards of key words/phrases. 


The service has a hearing loop which can be used as required. We will use appropriately coloured paper/print for those who have Dyslexia. Communication with young people and parents/carers can include letters, phone-calls, email or text.

Staff training

Training sessions are delivered to all staff on the new SEND legislative changes and processes.

Staff training around SEND areas of need will be given to all staff including how to access referral pathways to specialist areas.

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