Household Notification Letter 2021

Household Notification Letters

From the 15 February, residents across Coventry will be receiving a Household Notification Letter (HNL) detailing who is currently registered to vote at the property.

What is an HNL and why have I received it?

An HNL details who is registered to vote at a property and what their voting arrangements are (Postal/Proxy/In Person).

What do I need to do?

If all the information is correct then you do not need to do anything and you can dispose of the form.
If you need to add or remove anyone then follow the link and instructions at the bottom of the page and input the codes on the form when prompted.  Alternatively, you can manually complete and return the form by post.

You can watch our short video below explaining the letter:

Why have I received a postal vote?

Whilst Polling Stations will be Covid Secure we are informing voters of their voting options and to make it easier if you do not currently vote by post we have included a postal vote application for you to complete and return if you would prefer to vote by post rather than attending a polling station on the day.  This is entirely optional and up to each individual elector to decide if they want to vote by post and for how long.

If I want a postal vote, what do I need to do?

Fill in the postal vote form and post it back in the envelope provided.  Please use black ink where possible and hand sign the signature, we will also need your date of birth filled in the box and the date you complete the form, if these get mixed up your application may be rejected.

Alternatively, you can fill in the form and then scan it (a clear photograph from a smartphone or tablet device will suffice) and email it to [email protected]

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