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Coventry’s Market Position Statement is currently being revised.

Coventry City Council remains focused on developing and sustaining a diverse, vibrant and good quality market for adult social care and community healthcare services. This is central to the Council’s market shaping duties under the Care Act 2014.

The Market Position Statement (MPS) for Adult Care Services aims to create a common understanding of the local care market covering need and demand for care, current supply of services and commissioning intentions to enable the effective design and delivery of services for people that need care and support now and in the future. Importantly this creates a platform for continued dialogue and collaboration with providers around the challenges facing the local social care and health system, and the market development solutions that exist to improve care outcomes.

The MPS is presents a wealth of information and intelligence about provision and demand for adult social care and community healthcare structured around short-term enablement and prevention services, community-based services and accommodation-based services for the period 2018-2020.

Who is the Market Position Statement aimed at?

The MPS is intended to be of use for all providers of social care and community healthcare, both current and prospective, in understanding the changes to care that the Council and health partners expect to see in response to changing circumstances, and the potential opportunities for the market to innovate and improve future service delivery.

View the Market Position Statement.

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