Teenagers are amazing! (yeah...whatever...)

Teenagers are so often misrepresented - in this month's blog we explore the benefits of having teens around- and our five good reasons why you should consider fostering teens


Kevin the teenager

Teenagers get pretty bad press and are often a group that can be massively stereotyped and misaligned but they can be amazing to be around and fostering teenagers has some real advantages- for them and for the whole fostering family. This month's blog explores why fostering teenagers can be so rewarding...

Teenagers are more likely to undertake voluntary work than any other generation, rather than committing crimes they are most likely to be victims of it and nearly two-thirds of 10-to-15-year-olds have helped raise money for charity.

Children of all ages need foster homes but there is a huge need for more foster carer’s to consider fostering teenagers. In 2015, The Fostering Network found 40% fostered teenagers were already living with their third foster family since coming into care. Moving homes can have hugely detrimental effect on children’s education, wellbeing and ability to make and maintain relationships; finding suitable carers from the outset can really improve a child’s life chances.

Here we have 5 good reasons why fostering teenagers is a brilliant idea…

  1. “It’s good to be involved at the point in their lives when they are growing into responsible and capable young adults moving into the real world.”

The teenage years are some of the best and worst times of anyone’s life! I can definitely think of embarrassing mistakes, arguments and great times from my teenage years that I will forever call upon. They shape us, teach us life lessons and help us become the adults we are today. For foster carers in Coventry being involved at this times such as; guiding them through exams, being a shoulder to cry on over relationships and life woes and helping in the steps to impendence can be so rewarding and so important in a teenager’s life.

Foster dad and teenagers

  1. “Once trust has been developed and we’ve established the rules, teenagers are more independent, meaning I can get on with what I want to do!”

OK- occasionally you may feel like a taxi service, but generally teenagers are more independent and can do more things themselves! None of that crying every time someone falls over, waiting outside after school clubs or organising school friends to come for tea, it’s all down to them. In Coventry, this freedom is not only enjoyed by teenagers but also foster carers!

  1. “Having a teenager in the house means I’m kept young and told straight!”

Having the best knowledge in fashion, music and technology, teenagers will keep you up to date and tell you if you’re wrong! A Coventry foster carer told me, “I’m always being told what clothes to wear and how to wear them. I must look good; she wouldn’t be seen with me otherwise!”  

  1. “All teenagers are unpredictable; this keeps me on my toes”

A teenager can go through a rollercoaster of emotions in a day and this can make caring for them unpredictable. They could wake up in the best of moods and hours later be distraught about something. This makes things more exciting and keeps you on your toes!

Foster brothers

  1. “It’s small victories and hard work all the way but the rewards are worth it”

By investing time and empowering teenagers their personalities can develop so much. Coventry foster carer’s felt watching a young person’s self esteem grow and watching the way they deal with life’s challenges change was the best thing about fostering teenagers. As a Coventry foster carer said, “giving the teenagers the confidence to go to job interviews, make friends and deal with situations with confidence and maturity is so rewarding.” The security and stability a foster family provides can make a huge difference in their life journey and the decisions they make.

Coventry City Council urgently needs more people who could, with our excellent support and training, consider fostering teenagers. We offer increased support, fostering payments and training to foster carers who can open their hearts and their homes to local teenagers.

Big thanks to Fiona and her fostering family for this month's blog- we hope you have enjoyed it- please do write any comments below- we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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