LGBTQ+ foster carers have so much to offer!

A fact-filled blog full of information for LGBTQ+ people who are interested in finding out more about fostering with Coventry City Council

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Lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBTQ+) and thinking about fostering?

Are you LGBTQ+ and considering fostering but think you can’t? Think again!

Here at Coventry City Council we positively welcome LGBTQ+  foster carers. You can be heterosexual, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender or other sexual or gender identity and foster. As you will see in this blog, we firmly believe that having foster carers with a range of experiences helps to meet the need of the children and young people in our care.

LGBTQ+ foster carers (whether single or in relationships) are changing young people's lives every single day here in Coventry.

What’s important is that you’re patient, compassionate and able to provide a safe, nurturing, supportive environment for a child or young person.

And the fostering team at Coventry City Council are here to support you every step of the way.

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Let’s tackle some myths about LGBTQ+ Fostering 

Myth: LGBTQ+ parents are not allowed to adopt or foster. Research by Action for Children revealed that 32% of LGBT+ people in the UK believe that being LGBTQ+ meant you cannot adopt or foster.

Fact: This is absolutely untrue! Coventry City Council positively welcomes applications from members of LGBTQ+ communities. We are members of New Family Social who have lots of information about fostering in the LGBTQ+ community, we work each year with Coventry Pride and have a number of foster carers from the LGBTQ+ community who we can buddy you up with if you feel that would help

Myth: Kids who are raised by LGBTQ+ parents will be subjected to teasing, harassment or bullying.

Fact: Research shows they are no more likely than other children to be ‘picked’ on. And, given that LGBTQ+ individuals often report experiences of lack of social acceptance, LGBTQ+ foster carers may be in a good position to help, advise and empathise should the situation occur.  LGBTQ+ foster carers have so much to give, understanding how it feels to sometimes 'feel different' as children who are looked after often do- meaning there is likely to be more understanding and empathy of what this can feel like and coping strategies picture of foster carer

Myth: LGBTQ+ people can not provide stable homes.

Fact: Studies by Cambridge University’s Centre for Family Research in 2014 suggest that same sex families are thriving. They scored particularly well in assessments of family relationships, parental wellbeing and child adjustment. Parent-child relationships are typically just as strong in same-sex couples as in heterosexual ones.

Myth: Children of LGBTQ+ couples are more likely to grow up to be LGBTQ+ themselves.

Fact: Research shows that the sexual orientation  or gender identity of the parents (whether heterosexual or LGBTQ+) has no impact on that of the children. However children raised by parents who have an LGBTQ+ identity may find that their children are more confident to talk about their own identity and feelings more openly. Furthermore, children raised in LGBTQ+ families are more likely to be more tolerant of diversity and individuality which benefits everyone in society.

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Myth: Children need a mum and a dad.

Fact: Children need a safe, stable, nurturing, supportive environment with love and care from parent/s or carers.  It doesn't matter whether a child is raised by a mum and a dad, a single parent, or two mums or two dads (indeed there is a wealth of studies on how a lack of gender stereotyping in same sex households benefits children - but that is probably a deeper conversation for another time!) .

Myth: The fostering process takes longer when you are LGBTQ+.

Fact: The fostering process takes around 4-6 months and does explore lots of information about you, your partner (if you have one) and your life experiences to date- but rest-assured this is an experience shared by all prospective foster carers- we need to make sure that we have the right people looking after our wonderful, but vulnerable children and young people so a good assessment of strengths and training needs is required

Myth: I’m single and LGBTQ+ so I can’t foster.

Fact: Single foster carers are absolutely welcome whatever their sexual orientation or gender identity. Read our blog on single carers for more information. We will explore the wider support network for anyone coming forward to foster to see who is there for you alongside our dedicated social worker we allocate to you, our friendly Coventry Foster Carer Association who run social and buddying services and our excellent training programme.

These myths are just that. Myths. They are simply not true or accurate. We would love to speak to you about fostering. It could change a child's life forever- and your own

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Every child deserves a safe, nurturing, positive family. You could be the difference.


Support for LGBTQ+ foster carers

If you are in or around Coventry, LGBTQ+ and considering fostering  please get in touch with us. You will be welcomed by us and New Family Social, we also have very close links with Coventry Pride who are happy to chat to anyone with any worries

All of our foster carers are members of New Family Social. They provide a safe social network for LGBT+ families along with lots of advice and support. This group run regular events to get LGBTQ+ adopters and foster carers together, including meet-ups, social events and the amazing annual summer camp. It's great to know that LGBTQ+ adopters and foster carers have the additional support and guidance from this helpful and friendly organisation with helplines, online materials and forums. If you are LGBTQ+ and thinking about fostering or adoption, then please visit their site and find out more about the support and networking on offer.

In Coventry we also have a mix of smaller and bigger support and social events happening across the City, working closely with our ‘Foster Carer’s Association’. This is alongside the 24/7 support offered from by the supervising social worker and support team and our extensive, locally delivered training package.

If you are interested in joining our fostering community or to find out more about fostering for Coventry City Council please call the team on 024 7683 2828 or complete our short form and we'll call you back.

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