Top ten tips about home-schooling


Top ten tips about home-schooling  

We’ve all been thrown in at the deep end in the last few weeks and asked to stay home, teach our children AND work from home. Getting the balance right is going to be tricky and, if you are feeling overwhelmed, you’re not alone.  Loading...

We’ve spoken to local parents and carers who have experience of home-schooling and here’s their top ten tips.  

1. Don’t compare what you are doing with others, especially on social media. Comparison is the thief of joy, and remember, you are only seeing the snapshot of what they want you to see. 

2. Children (and adults) are all different. Some children benefit from having a clear routine, so maybe a timetable would help, but for others having a timetable might be a source of stress and frustration. Decide what works best for you and your family.  

3. Don’t stress out about home-schooling. If you get stressed, the children will get stressed and they won’t learn anyway.  

4. Encourage, reassure and give praise all the way. These are challenging circumstances for everyone, and sudden change can be really unsettling for children. 

5. Not all learning has to be academic. Learning takes many forms, be creative, explore nature, get outside - mix it up. Teach children life skills - such as housework, cooking, gardening and, depending on how brave you are, how to take things apart and fix them!   Loading...

6. Try not to replicate school at home. Instead, be flexible. The home-school day doesn’t have to run from 8.45am-3.15pm. Did you know that the actual amount of learning in the classroom is much less than you think? Depending on the age of the child it can range from 1-3 hours. Don’t put pressure on yourself or the children unnecessarily.  

7. Get the school-set homework balance right. Many schools are setting homework for pupils, for some children this might be too much and seem overwhelming, for other children it might not be enough. Talk to the school and see what their expectations are (if any).  

8. Be led by your children. What do they enjoy doing? What are they interested in learning about? Do that! Loading...

9. Enjoy some quiet time. We all need some quiet time to ground ourselves, whether that’s reading, creating, or a hobby

10. Most importantly, HAVE FUN! We forget how much learning takes place just by living life and playing games. The world is quite stressful right now, which make it even more important to have fun together. 

And don’t forget, the Easter holidays are nearly upon us, try to enjoy them!  


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