Adult Social Care Service Standards

What can you expect from the service?


From initial contact, in non-urgent circumstances, we will attempt to contact you / your representative within two working days. In urgent situations, we will attempt to make contact within two hours. If we need to visit you for a full assessment, we aim to do so within six weeks from initial contact. In urgent circumstances, if needed, we will visit within 24 hours. This might include safeguarding concerns, or instances where a person’s carer is unable to provide support at short notice.

Assessment and support

We won’t always need to visit you- we will try to meet your needs as soon as possible by signposting over the telephone. If this is not possible, we will visit you to complete a full assessment of your needs. We will always look to organise short-term support initially to meet your needs- with the aim of enabling you to maintain your independence and regain skills. When we have identified the level of care and support you require, we will begin reviewing options and sourcing this as soon as possible after the assessment visit.

We will always take your preferences into account, but will offer you the most cost effective option to meet your care and support needs. If you choose a more expensive service, you / your representative will be expected to meet any additional costs. In addition to this, most people are liable to pay a contribution towards the cost of their care- we will organise a financial assessment as soon as possible after it is been determined what level of care and support is required. We will provide you with a copy of your assessment within two weeks after the assessment visit, and a copy of your support plan before your care and support starts, unless in urgent situations.

Your contact point

In order to ensure that we have capacity to meet the needs of people with care and support needs in Coventry, you will only be allocated to a specific worker when there are determined pieces of work for social care. This worker will provide you with a direct contact number and email address. Once active work is no longer required, this worker will provide the contact details for the Adult Social Care Front Door, who you can contact if your circumstances change and the support you are receiving is no longer suitable.


We aim to review the needs of people receiving long-term care every 12 months, unless circumstances change- in this case, we will review people’s needs as and when required. Reviews can take plan in a number of ways, including face-to-face, over the phone, online, and provider-led.