Coventry has a Children and Young People Plan.

The 2021/22 Coventry Children and Young People Plan sets out the outcomes organisations in Coventry will work together to deliver and provide the best support possible for children, young people and their families, as we recover from the COVID -19 pandemic.

The plan is a refresh of the 2020 Children and Young People Plan and therefore much of the priorities/outcomes remain the same.  Our aspirations and hopes for children and young people in Coventry have not changed, but we continue to have fewer resources with which to achieve these ambitions. There are many challenges, but also opportunities to do things differently. Therefore, in delivering the plan organisations and communities strive to be creative in how the city-wide resources are harnessed.

The plan has been developed through:

  • Understanding the impact of the COVID -19 pandemic on children, young people and families
  • Understanding the priority areas that need to continue from the 2020 plan
  • Utilising the expertise of the different agencies in the Children’s Partnership who interact with Coventry children and families daily

The priorities identified relate to the things that are best done by partners together, impacted by the COVID -19 pandemic. This document is, therefore, not a description of the work of each partner individually, but the work where we know by working together across partner agencies, we can collectively support the lives of children and young people and families. The plan has been reviewed and agreed by the Coventry Children and Young People Partnership Board and will be reviewed annually.