COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Community testing

If you have any coronavirus symptoms:

  • a high temperature
  • a new, continuous cough
  • a loss of, or change to, your sense of smell or taste

Get a test and stay at home.

You must self-isolate and book a test via NHS Test and Trace or by calling 119.

Do not attend one of our community testing sites.

In order to understand the way COVID-19 is transmitted in communities and reduce its spread, community testing for Coronavirus is available for all Coventry residents, for anyone who is not showing symptoms of the virus. This is part of the wider Government strategy to tackle the virus.

What is COVID-19 community testing?

A locally-led testing service set up to test people without COVID-19 symptoms (asymptomatic) in Coventry using lateral flow antigen testing.

The aim of testing people who do not have COVID-19 symptoms is to identify those that might be carrying the virus, to prevent transmission and protect those most at risk, using rapid testing to speed up the process. It also provides reassurance for those in keyworker roles to continue their daily duties in a safe manner.

What is lateral flow antigen testing?

Lateral flow antigen tests are a new kind of technology that can be used to test a higher proportion of asymptomatic people, better enabling us to identify and isolate more people who are at high likelihood of spreading the virus and break the chains of transmission.

A Lateral Flow Test (LFT) detects the presence or absence of coronavirus by applying a swab or saliva sample to the device’s absorbent pad. The sample runs along the surface of the pad, showing at the end a visual positive or negative result dependent on the presence of the virus.

Who is the community test for?

Now that we are in another national lockdown, which means where possible people should be working from home and limiting their trips outside, we are now urging frontline workers, some of which are outlined below to come forward and get tested.

  • Health or social care
  • Education or childcare
  • Essential shops, supermarkets or financial services
  • Food production or processing
  • Warehousing, packing or distribution
  • Transportation
  • Essential public sector services including waste, bin collections, security etc
  • Construction, utilities or communications
  • Agency workers

We would advise that people working in these areas take up the opportunity to get tested weekly to help to reduce the spread of the virus in Coventry.

Taking part in testing

Below lists all of our current community test centre locations. There is no need to book an appointment at any of the centres. Just turn up at a time that is convenient for you.

View our test centres and facilities on a map

Coventry Transport Museum
Millennium Place
Hales Street

Indian Community Centre
243 Cross Road

Moat House Leisure and Neighbourhood Centre
Winston Avenue
Wood End

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 8am to 6.30pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 3pm

What to bring to the test centre?

  • Proof of ID
  • A mobile phone as test results will be sent via text.
  • Hand sanitiser with you and wear a face covering (unless exempt).

At the test centre

  • If you need to queue please do so observing the 2-metre social distancing.
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times unless exempt.
  • A member of staff will greet you upon of arrival and check that you don’t have any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • You’ll need to register for your test once inside. You can register on your own smartphone, but tablets will be available for anyone who needs one.
  • If needed, help will be given when filling out the registration form. This will take around five minutes to complete.
  • You’ll then be escorted to one of the testing areas, where a member of staff will talk you through the test.
  • You’ll be given a swab and you’ll need to swab the back of your mouth near your tonsils. You’ll then have to put the swab up your nose before putting it into the tube provided.
  • Once the test is complete, you will then be able to leave, and your results will be sent to you via text via the NHS test and trace service.
  • You receive your results via SMS text in less than an hour.

After you receive the test result

Positive result

If your test is positive, you will need to return home (not using public transport) and isolate with your household members.

To confirm that the result is positive, it is essential that you book yourself in for an NHS swab test online or by ringing 119.

Please book to go to a testing site, as this will be quicker than ordering a home test.

If your test is confirmed as positive by the NHS test, you should continue isolating for 10 days (and until well and fever-free for 48 hours). Your household will need to isolate for 14 days. If the result of the NHS test is negative, you and your household do not need to continue isolating (unless anyone else in your household is unwell and awaiting a test).

Negative result

If you test negative, you do not need to isolate or book an NHS swab test.

As with all tests, there is some chance that the test has not picked up that you have the infection. If you develop any of the COVID-19 symptoms, ensure you book a test online via the NHS website or by ringing 119.

A negative test result does not mean you can be complacent. It’s still important to social distance, wear a face covering when required and wash your hands regularly.

You should continue to be vigilant and follow the national rules and guidelines at all times.

Test results not received

All test results are managed by the national NHS Test and Trace Service. If you do not receive your test results within 12 hours, then you will need to rebook a new test.

For more information please see the official NHS guidance.

More information about community testing

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