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The Council is committed to tackling climate change and to making a major contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions for the city.  Coventry was one of the first cities to produce a Climate Change Strategy.  The Climate Change strategy published in 2012 set a target to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 27.5% by the year 2020. Coventry achieved this in 2014 (6 years early). The current Climate Change Strategy for the City is now under review and needs to reflect current UK and global policy and the urgency of the climate crisis that we face if no action is taken.

The Council is working with all sectors of the community, residents, voluntary organisations and businesses to encourage and support them in reducing the city's carbon footprint.  A number of major projects are underway that are helping to reduce the city's carbon emissions.  The Council has a major role to play in not only setting an example for others to follow but mobilising all that live and work in the city to embrace the challenges that climate change and delivering a sustainable future presents us. This is not seen as a threat but more as an opportunity. We have the opportunity to position ourselves as a leading city in a global market. The Council aims to pull together all those with the talents and experience to build the new future in a post COVID-19 world to deliver net-zero emissions and to limit the damages from climate change.

Further details of how Coventry is facing the challenge of climate change and sustainability as an opportunity for future prosperity and becoming a leading city in a global market can be accessed here.

You can send in your suggestions on how to tackle climate change through Let's Talk or you can email


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