Cliff Evans

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Course details

Course aims:

If not employed by Coventry City Council this training is based partly on legal requirements but also on best practice around recording and communication, therefore it is recommended that these standards are followed. Those learners who are from Independent Providers need to be aware of their own company's reporting and recording policies.

Course outcomes:

  • Definitions of what is a record.
  • Why records are kept.
  • Legal requirements for documentation.
  • How to document accurate, adequate and relevant notes that are up to date.
  • How to write factual and concise notes.
  • What is meant by confidentiality?
  • Where information may need to be passed on.
  • The Data Protection Act and how this relates to you and your work.
  • Recording non-judgemental notes.
  • How to establish communication needs, language needs, wishes and preferences.
  • The importance of observing reactions.
  • Use appropriate verbal and non - verbal communication
  • Support the use of appropriate communication aids/ technologies
Course length
Half a day
Skills for care
This training is based on Coventry City Council's Recording Policy Meets The Care Certificate Standards 1, 6 and 14

Outcomes support knowledge for:

  • Adult Care Worker Diploma Level 2
  • Lead Adult Care Worker Diploma Level 3
Target group
All care and support staff within Adult Services

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