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Previous comments and how we have responded

Year   You Said    We Did
2014 During the development of Coventry’s Local Offer parents and carers requested that a range of local activities were included. We listened to parents and have continued to add information about activities as and when we become aware of them. We have also included a link to the Family Information Service website which holds a significant amount of information about local activities and is updated regularly.
2015 We want to be able to add events to the Local Offer. We have also encouraged parents, carers and local organisations to add events by providing a link to enable self-serve to upload activities. You can now add an upcoming event to the SENDIASS events page.
2016 I struggled to find the downloadable documents. We have added links throughout the website to downloadable documents that people have asked for.
2016 I would like an easy to follow document that shows me what my child's school should be delivering for my child, who is on the SEN support register We have added a downloadable document called "Ordinarily Available Provision in Coventry schools.   
2016 I would like to be able to search for local organisations using Google maps, within a certain distance from our home postcodes Where agencies have physical locations, we have added maps to the website to show where they can be located. 
2017 I would like a link to the Coventry Local Offer page from the City Council website, so I do not have to find it through Google. The Local Offer is linked directly from the Coventry City Council website.
2017 Can you please categorise by age group the services that are available for children and young people with SEND, to enable easier searching for my child.  We have organised the SEND Local Offer to be divided by age groups
2017 Can we please have more voluntary groups on the local offer We now link to over 100 local and national organisations that do work involving Special Education Needs and Disabilities.
2017 A short guide on how to use the local offer and how to search would be useful. We are working with a group of young people to make a short video.
2017 Local Offer needs to be focussed more on meeting the needs of  all people with SEND, not just those with EHCPs We have updated to include parallel information for those who are moving into adulthood that don’t have an EHCP. It has a focus on education and employment. 
2018 Parents and professionals indicated they weren't sure what they could expect from the website and what information they could find on it. Extensive outreach is being conducted with parent groups and professionals with direct contact with community (GPs, education providers, community organisations, social workers.) so that they understand the content of the Local Offer and how to navigate it.
2018 Information about preparing for adulthood needs to be updated and be made clear and readily available We have updated information about preparing for adulthood, providing pathways wherever possible.
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