The Curly Hair Project (CHP) is an award-winning social enterprise founded by autistic author and entrepreneur Alis Rowe.

Their resources are used by individuals, families and professionals all over the world.

Things that make their work different: 

  • It is based on real life, personal experiences
  • They teach people how to really apply the theory we teach about autism
  • They have a very ‘inclusive’ approach – supporting all people in developing communication and relationships
  • They don’t expect the rest of the world to change to fit in with the autistic person – they want everyone to adapt and work together!
  • They aim to help autistic people learn to understand themselves and their needs and ultimately be able to self-manage
  • Their work is all about acceptance, understanding and empathy for different world experiences
  • They can offer differentiated learning because Alis is on the autistic spectrum herself

For more information, see The Curly Hair Project Website or the Curly Hair Project Facebook Page