What is a Carer's Assessment?

A Carer's Assessment is a good way of talking to someone about your caring role and the impact that this may have on you.  It should help you think about the support out there that can help you.  It is also the opportunity to say whether there are elements of your caring role you can no longer do.

Anyone providing unpaid care for another adult can receive a Carer's Assessment, it doesn’t matter if the person you are caring for hasn’t had their own assessment or if they are receiving support.  It can also be a good opportunity to talk to someone if you’re thinking about taking on a caring role and want to know more about the support that is available.

If your child or the person you care for already has a social worker or an allocated worker, this worker may talk to you about “combining assessments”.  This means that your needs are explored as part of your child’s assessment however you can ask for a separate assessment to be carried out. 

The assessment should look at the things you want to achieve, the impact caring is having on you, your health and emotional wellbeing. It should help you look at aspects of your life you may be experiencing difficulty with, such as looking after the house, eating well, having the time to do things important to you and the impact it may have on working or education.   The assessment should also help you plan for emergencies and plan for the future.

To find out more about visit the Carer's Assessment website