At the age of 16, a young person can make a choice about whether to continue in education, employment or training.

Some schools offer sixth forms so that a young person can stay in school; however this depends on which school the young person attends. Individual schools and the Prospects Careers advisers will be able to provide more information about this.

A young person could also apply to sixth form college, 16-19 academies, specialist post 16 institutions or vocational training providers in the voluntary or public sector.

The range of study programmes is broad and includes A Levels, vocational qualifications at all levels, apprenticeships, traineeships, supported internships.

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Further Education

Further education (often abbreviated to FE) covers the type of education which goes beyond compulsory education (ages 5-16), but which is not at degree level (higher education). It may be at the same level, at a higher level, or at a lower level than secondary education.

There is a range of colleges in Coventry. The Prospects Career Advisors will be able to give more information about these or you can contact the colleges directly to ask for information about courses and the support they offer.

School 6th Form and Further Education Colleges

The majority of schools in Coventry offer 6th form provision, for more details see the individual school websites.

There are 2 colleges in Coventry – Coventry College and Hereward. They both offer a wide variety of courses and support arrangements. There are also several colleges in the areas surrounding Coventry that Coventry young people can access.

Hereward is a much smaller college, with smaller class sizes, than Coventry College. All students at Hereward have an Education Health and Care Plan. Hereward offers a range of study programmes that relate to sport, business, computing, performing arts, music and visual arts.

Colleges outside of Coventry that might be of interest are: Warwickshire College Group, NWH College, and Solihull College.

Level 1 and above course usually require students to have GCSE level qualifications.

All colleges also offer general supported learning programmes. These allow students to continue to develop their basic skills in English, Maths and ICT. Students can also access personal development opportunities and do taster/foundation courses in a range of vocational areas available at the college.


Coventry College

This college offers full and part time courses and Apprenticeships

Hereward College

Hereward offers a range of full time courses and supported internships. The majority of applicants will need to have an Education Health and Care Plan.

Warwickshire College Group

Leamington Spa, Moreton Morell, Rugby Campus, Pershore, Warwick Trident Centre, Evesham and Malvern Hills.

Offers full and part-time courses and Apprenticeships.

North Warwickshire and South Leicestershire College

North Warwickshire and Hinckley College offer full and part-time courses and Apprenticeships.

Solihull College

Full and part-time courses and apprenticeships

Stratford upon Avon College

Stratford upon Avon College offers full and part time courses and apprenticeships