If you or the person you care for are approaching 18 and may still continue to need care and support after age 18, then you can request a needs assessment.  Sometimes a young person's school or social worker will discuss this with the young person and help make the referral.

The Care and Support journey.

Needs and Wellbeing Assessment

The assessment can look at both the young person's needs and the parent/carer needs. We call this a Needs and Wellbeing Assessment in Coventry.

The assessment will look at the following:

  • Your strengths, interests and what you want to achieve.
  • What you are finding difficult and how this affects your day to day life.
  • Looking after yourself (washing, dressing, meals, shopping, looking after the house)
  • The things that are important to you, keeping in touch with friends and family, working, getting out and about.
  • Your health and how it affects you, including medication, visits to the GP or hospital.
  • That’s already working well and the support around you.

If you struggle to be involved in the assessment we will ask you who you want to support you.  If you haven’t got anyone who can support you with the assessment and you might struggle to answer the questions we will make a referral for a Care Act Advocate.


Once we know about your needs and the support you require, we will discuss with you whether we can provide support or whether there are other services that may be able to help.  This is sometimes known as eligibility, there are national guidelines which we use to look at this.


For more information, please visit the Assessments, eligibility and support planning website