SENDIASS offers impartial information, advice and support to:

  • parents/carers,
  • children and young people (0-25)

Their independently trained staff can help explain Special Educational Needs, Disability or exclusion processes and procedures in straight forward language, so you know what to expect and what part you can play in your/your child’s education.

They provide accurate, unbiased information to build your confidence and help you make informed decisions.
The service is commissioned by Coventry Local Authority but works at an “arms-length”.

This means that children, young people and their parents can feel confident that the information they receive from the SEND IASS is based on national guideline and not local policy.

They aim to:

  • Help develop and encourage good communication and relationships between all parties – parents/carers, children, young people, educational settings, the Local Authority, voluntary organisations – to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and young people and prepare them for adulthood
  • Ensure the views, wishes and feelings of parents/carers, children and young people are heard and valued
  • Provide impartial information and support to enable participation in decision making

Can they help you?

  • Does your child or young person have Special Educational Needs (SEN) or a Disability?
  • Are you a young person with Special Educational Needs (SEN) or a Disability?
  • Do you have concerns about your/your child’s progress at nursery/school/college?
  • Do you need help preparing for or participating in a meeting with professionals to discuss your/your child’s SEND?
  • Do you need help in understanding or writing reports/letters?
  • Are you finding it difficult to get your views across?
  • Would you like to learn more about Special Educational Needs and services available locally?
  • Has your child been excluded from school?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above, then there’s a good chance that they can help you. They won’t make decisions for you – they will talk through the options available, the possible outcomes and help you make an informed decision.

Find out more

There is a range of information available on their website, including downloadable leaflets which can also be translated using the “Browsealoud” tool.

Thye also have a separate website for children and young people with SEND – “The CHYP Shop” – which has a range of opportunities for young people to get involved.