The aim of the session is to further develop and add to an already firm foundation and working knowledge of
child development theory and practice.

By the end of the session delegates will have had the opportunity to:

  • Refresh knowledge around child development milestones and expectations
  • Consider how well practitioners currently support child development across the setting by using a range of purposeful activities, experiences, and resources
  • Consider how the rhythm of the day and deployment of staff can impact on child development including an effective key-person system
  • Develop strategies for supporting and improving professional child development judgements in line with the expectations of the Early Years Foundation Stage September 2021 (EYFS)

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Aimed at

Early Education practitioners

Date and time

Monday 13 March, 6.30pm-8.30pm

£10 (Course cost subsided by the Early Years’ Service to encourage participation and improve skills and knowledge across the workforce)
Delivery method
Online via Zoom