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Course details

This 3 hour course aims to provide essential information for staff working in local authorities on the use and application of the Inherent Jurisdiction by the High Court when working with vulnerable clients

Course Outcomes


By the end of the course participants will be able to:


• Understand the legal context of the Inherent Jurisdiction

• Consider when the Inherent Jurisdiction applies instead of the Mental Capacity Act

• Review examples and situations where the Inherent Jurisdiction has been used

The course will include the following key topics:

▪ The ‘great safety net’ the legal context of the inherent jurisdiction

▪ The powers and limitations of the inherent jurisdiction

▪ The situations where it applies – coercion, constraint and undue influence

▪ Case law examples – older adults

▪ Case law examples – young people

▪ Case law examples – when all else fails

▪ Case law examples – Mental Capacity Act or the inherent jurisdiction

▪ Court applications for the inherent jurisdiction


Course length
1/2 day
Target group

Team Leaders, Social Workers, OT’s & Social Care Professionals




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