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The Wildlife Ranger

Programme Overview

This programme gives pupils the opportunity to learn about different factors that can affect the biodiversity and sustainability of green spaces such as parks, school grounds etc. Pupils will be encouraged to discuss how different people use the park for different things and will observe and discuss different types of activities that can take place within the park; this could be recreational, historical and ecological conservational activities and come up with strategies to help maintain the green space for the future.

Learning Objectives and Aims

• That green spaces are used by a variety of social groups and individuals
• That these groups and individuals can have an impact on the local habitats and biodiversity
• That plants and animals are suited to the environment they are found.
• Be able to observe the conditions in a local habitat and be able to discuss problems and impacts of that habitat and any solutions

Available for:

KS2 all year round.

Contact details

Coombe Country Park
Brinklow Road, Binley,
Near Coventry, CV3 2AB.
Telephone: 024 7645 3720
Fax: 024 7663 5350

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