Parks and open spaces in Coventry - Gosford Green

Gosford Green

Binley Road/Walsgrave Road junction,

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Gosford Green is a grassed area, with some lovely specimen trees and a children’s play area.


Open children's play area

Opening hours

Dawn to dusk

How to get here

By bus: 10, ( Bell Green) 13, (Willenhall) 27, 32, 33 (Bell Green, Potters Green)

History of the park

Gosford Green is steeped in history. During World War II, there was a Trench Shelter in the centre with 612 places. One night in 1940 there was a direct hit to the shelter entrance and 90 people were killed. Further back in history, one famous incident that nearly took place on Gosford Green during the late 1300s was single combat between the Duke of Norfolk and the Duke of Hereford. The dispute arose after one of the Dukes was said to have uttered treasonable remarks against King Richard II. Large numbers, including up to 10,000 soldiers, set up camp on Ball Hill, and gathered to witness the event, but at the last moment the duel was halted and both Dukes were banished.


Free to enter


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