SEND Local Offer for Coventry - Social Emotional Mental Health and Learning Team (SEMHL) - The Keys

The Keys – two early intervention bases for primary aged children who need short term additional support to help manage their behaviour and emotions.

How does the Keys work?

The Keys are mainstream provisions for keys stage 1 and key stage 2 pupils who are at risk of exclusion and are struggling to meet the behavioural expectations of their school.  One provision for 24 KS1 and KS2 children is based at Parkgate Primary School and one for 12 KS1 children is based at Frederick Bird Primary School.

Short term, intensive support in a small group is provided to improve resiliency and skills and enable successful integration back into mainstream school. The provision is for 2 terms for 4 days per week, with the 5th day back in their school.

To access a place at the Keys, schools complete a Keys referral. This is then presented at a panel meeting of heads and Keys staff. If the child is accepted, visits to the Key and home are arranged. Once this is completed a start date is agreed between the school, parent/carer and the teacher in charge of the Key.

The Keys offer a broad and balanced creative curriculum which is differentiated in order to ensure that children experience successful outcomes.

Our aim is to equip children to successfully return to their mainstream school. A personalised re-integration programme ensures good outcomes for pupils. This re-integration programme is planned in partnership by Key and school staff, parents/carers and pupils and includes follow up visits and support, if needed.

At the Keys, we work together in partnership with parents and schools to:

  • Build trust, increase resilience and unlock potential to better prepare children for their learning journey.
  • Develop a shared understanding of strengths and difficulties between The Key, parents/carers and the child’s mainstream school.
  • Offer outreach support to the mainstream school.
  • Strengthen multi-agency links.
  • Improve inclusive practice for children with SEND.
  • Reduce exclusions.
  • Improve academic attainment.
  • Improve attendance.
  • Reduce barriers to learning.
  • Provide clear consistent rules, routines and boundaries
  • Listen to the voice of the child
  • Work with other agencies to support the best outcomes for children and families
  • Support parents/carers and children to ensure appointments, support and interaction happens as planned

How to contact The Keys

Further information is available through the SENCo at your child’s school or from Jo Cave, Keys Provision Manager at [email protected]


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